What is is a B2B e-Marketplace for AEC country and global. The main purpose of is to enhance trade opportunity of AEC enterprise and to be the most effective way for AEC’s trade partners from over the world to find the required products from AEC enterprise.

Why you shouldn't miss

  • It is the powerful website established for support AEC enterprise.
  • It can be done easily for the complicated activity of buying and selling.
  • It collects most of export products in AEC.
  • It has good looking interface with smart search engine and many helpful functions.
  • It is free of charge.

What cost I have to pay to be member?

  • You can be a member without any cost forever.

What I need to do, if I want to buy/sell my products in

  • Register to be a buyer/seller member and start to post your products then.

How can I be a BUYER/SELLER member of

Complete the quick registration.
  • Click “Register” on the website's top right corner.

  • Complete the form then click “Register”.

  • Go to your e-mail inbox and click to verify your email account.

  • The system shows “You have successfully registered to be a member” to confirm your registration.


Membership agreement

  • Members must be follow the rules of the by strictly. If you violate, the have the right to unsubscribe without any notice.
  • Membership information that you has provided for are kept extremely will not share your information for commercial purposes or for the other benefit in any way.
  • reserve the right to change or amendment the membership system and privileges, including the cancellation of the membership without notice.
  • reserve the right to advertising such as banner on yourposting page or webpage in
  • is the only e-Marketplace fortrading post or other services.
  • If there is a fault or damage caused by the product or service or text Ads. Including the negotiations with the contact personfrom the posting on website or any action arising from your posting, the owner of posting will be solely responsible.
  • will not guaranteed the advertising damage caused by the failure of the system (Force majeure).
  • If any revision of the agreement or any regulations, will update you by membership system.

How to login?

Start with home page.
  • Click “Login” on the website's top right corner.

  • Enter the Username and Password then click "Login"


How to retrieve Username/Password?

Start with home page
  • Click “Login” on the website's top right corner then you will find “Forget User/Password”.

  • After click “Forget User/Password”, please enter your password that you use for first registration.

  • The system will inform your User/Password via such e-mail address.
  • After you get the correct User/Password then you can login normally.