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For Buyers:

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  • When searching by keyword, you will find a "List of products" on the search results page. This is a list of all products that match your keyword. Click on a product to view a details within it.

Tip: when searching by keyword, add one or more descriptive words to receive more targeted results. You

  • You can further refine your search result by Advance search by using these filters:

    Country: Suppliers from a particular country location.
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For Seller:

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Register here as a seller and take advantage of a wealth of our services:
  • Posting your products for free.
    • Show information of your products as much as possible by fully, truly and clearly.
    • Show nice and clear picture of your products as much as possible.
    • Show information of your company, contact details by fully, truly and clearly.

General advice:

  • is the only e-Marketplace for trading or other services posting,was not involved in products or services anyway. Therefore, you should checking the products and services or inquire all details of products and suppliers carefully.
  • When you found a product or services which you are interesting on, please save all information, do not kept by Bookmark because of these posts will move down to the lower positionany time, or can be deleted.
  • Please keep all evidence in trades such as Company license, Contract, Invoice, Packing list, B/L, Contact details and etc. for tracking and verify if there any problem later
  • Do not trust a non-existent such as no business license, not contact details and not giving necessary information of company.
  • The event was a scam, you can report to embassy of your country and their country immediately by living proof that you have stored.